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Need to make a claim? We're here to help.

Having your car damaged or your property stolen is stressful. Our dedicated claims specialists are here to support you by guiding you through the claims process. 

If you need to make a claim, call us on 1300 265 374  

  • lodge a new claim (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  • enquire about an existing claim (weekdays 8.30am-5pm)

Coles Car Insurance iPhone claims app

You can also notify us of your claim via our iPhone Coles Insurance Claims Assistant App*.  This app allows you to:

  • Send us the initial details of your claim
  • Send any photos of damage to your car while at the scene of the accident or soon after.   

Download the Coles Car Insurance Claims Assistant iPhone app

Note: Use of this App does not mean that your claim has been lodged. Once notification has been received we will call you within 1 hour during business hours, or on the next working day, to finalise the lodgement of your claim. If there is an emergency please call us on 1300 265 374.  

* iPhone is a trademark   

What to do if you need to claim

1. Do everything you can to stop further loss or damage from occurring.

Depending on the incident, this might involve:

  • securing your car
  • moving cars or other property out of danger
  • erecting temporary covers on windows or doors
  • other action to prevent further loss or damage.

Claims are processed more quickly if we can see the exact nature of the damage or loss. With this in mind, some common activities that can hinder the claims process, if done before contacting us, include:

  • authorising or carrying out repairs 
  • arranging for replacement of property
  • cleaning or removal of debris
  • disposal of damaged property.

2. Call the Police.

You should report the incident to the police if the claim involves:

  • theft or attempted theft 
  • malicious acts or damage
  • impact by a vehicle
  • civil unrest.

Give the police any information they need, and keep a record of the incident or report number.

3. Call us

When things go wrong or someone makes a claim against you, call us on 1300 265 374 and we’ll take care of the rest.

What we need: 

  • your policy number (if you have it available )
  • details about the incident and associated damage
  • whether anyone is holding you responsible for death or injury to other people
  • whether anyone is holding you responsible for loss or damage to their property
  • any other relevant information.

4. We are here to help

Our team of dedicated claims specialists is ready to assist you with your claim and answer any questions you may have. They will keep you informed about your claim and any repairs.

We have most damaged cars back on the road within 7 days, and guarantee all repair work carried out by our network of authorised repairers. For car insurance repairs, we use quality repairers, so you can have confidence that the job will be done right.

To make the claim process run smoothly, it's helpful if you have proof of ownership of stolen or damaged property, such as purchase receipts. Where possible, please gather these together.

We'll take care of the rest.

Call us on 1300 265 374

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